Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with some regret that I am writing this letter as I have, until recently, quite enjoyed shopping in your establishment.

However, on my last 3 visits I have had my patience pushed to the limit. The reason for this is your checkout with the sign ‘ 10 items or less’.

The purpose of these ‘express checkouts’ really is a great idea if they are used correctly, which unfortunately is not happening at your store. The first time it happened I overlooked it even though it was inconvenient but after my next 2 visits resulted in the same problem I felt that I must write and air my views to you, in the hope that it can be resolved.

I work long hours, have small children and a busy life. I do not have a lot of spare time during the day and on occasion need to shop very quickly for the basics. I am always very aware of how many items I have before approaching the ‘express checkout’

Now don’t get me wrong if someone slips through the net with say 11 or 12 maybe even 13 items, well its not the end of the world but when someone manages to heave £30/£40 worth of goods from their 2 baskets its a bit much to take!

As Ive said it is with regret I am writing this and I hope my comments are taken not only as complaints but as constructive criticism and I look forward to visiting your store again and hopefully seeing this matter resolved.

Yours sincerely
Mrs J Thomas