This is such a waste of time, I could be out scoring chicks right now. I don’t really know the technique, maybe there’s a book somewhere, some kind of holy scripture on how to get chicks. Just give me a bible of babes, a torah of whora (3 lines in and already out of ideas) and I will be out there. I would score like a crack addict who had jsut won the 30 pounds from this competition, but instead I can’t. I have to be that guy, the man who can’t get women because of his looks or avertage size genitalia, but instead I have to be that guy that must buy a woman, not as a prostitute, but indirectly small gifts and drinks, which is horrifically close to the former. But that won’t even happen, instead I’ll go to the cinema to try and replace the drag and boredom and my own life with the insane excitement of someone else’s made up life. Maybe I’ll watch a horror to get me excited, maybe even a monster movie (I hear Precious is good). That’s six quid of that gone, damn expensive cinema (a time for another complaint). Then sweets prior to the film, a tango ice blast to wash away the swill of the 5 cokes I drink a day, which will surely one day give me the bowel cancer that I’m warned about but still think that stuff’s so far ahead in the future that it’s no concern of mine. Damn my past self and damn my future self, what the hell are those guys problems, I’m giving them all these problems to sort out and they don’t want to work them out to dig me out of the early grave I’ve drilled for myself. One day they’ll be thinkiing about this moment where this complaint fails miserably because I jsut wanted to finally win something, they’ll sit back in the garden furniture in their living room and stare at the painting of our mother that they drew in their own bodily fluids because they can’t afford digital after the switch over, and they’ll think, “you know what, screw that guy”, and unfortuneatly as I sit here typing this drivel of conciousness for money which even small I can’t even begin to comprehend it’s amount, and sadly even I have to agree with them, you know what, screw me too.