To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you and express my concerns of the disappointing trip to your amusement park, on Saturday 15th of January 2010.

Once arriving at your amusement park, my two children, my husband and I, discovered that your park had litter all over the place, it was obvious that the bins had not been emptied, due to the litter flowing to the brim of each bin. I therefore feel this is a health and safety issue, I also found their was empty glass bottles left on the pavements which is another health and safety issue. Their was left over scraps of food, consequently, this caused a revolting smell.

We spent six hours we spent at your park, and only maneged to go on three rides. I feel this was because the rides had long ques, and your park was understaffed. Their was no way of getting through the queues anyquicker than we did, whereas other amusement parks have the choice of fast tracks, unfortunately you did not. My children were also disappointed with the lack of rides for mixed ages, and that a wide range of your rides where either broke, damaged, or dirty and was lacking cleanliness.

After a day of disappointment we are reluctant to returning to your park again, under the current circumstances. I also expect some sort of compensation, as we paid forty six pound on a family ticket, which was totally unjust, to say the least. Your hasty response would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Faithfully,
Mrs O Philogene-Moynihan