I done a web order placed at 5.46pm promised at 06.16pm for delivery to 30 lapsley drive Banbury ox16 1ej….
firstly I rang at 6,34pm to chase our order to see when it was out for delivery.to be told it was on its way….
my order was.
of 2 large deals total amount spent £50.00
1 large margherita pizza
1 large hawain
garlic bread
potato wedges
bbq dip
choc chip cookie
caramael cookie dough
1 large Texan bbq
1 large bbq meatfeast
garlic bread
potato wedges
bbq dip
choc chip cookie
caramel cookie dough

then receing order unfashionably late at 18.50
to find 2 pizza (1 large Texan bbq and 1 large bbq meatfeast) 1 wedges and coleslaw missing
I then rang the store on 01295 270044
to explain this after being on hold for 8 minutes a gentle man came back to say they had to re cook our order as it wasn’t sent out…..
this was not acceptable as we had many people to feed and ordered certain pizza due some liking different flavours.
I then rang at 19.28 to see when our second half of the order was going to be delivered to be on hold yet again for 7 mins to be cut of.. the customer service was by far the most atrocious manner …
our pizza then arrived which was delivered by the same driver who was the only member off staff to speak any sense…. we then rang to speak to a manger as the delivery driver made us aware a area manager was instore….. it then took ten minutes for some one to come to the phone to speak to myself … I was lead to believe this was just a general member of staff who was not very compassionate he offered us £10.00 off a future bill. and was told they were short staffed that’s why they missed half our order.
to be honest this is not acceptable if they can not cope with the shear volume of orders then maybe there in the wrong job…..

this is regarding
pizza hut
67 calthorpe street
ox16 5ex
I look forward to hearing a reply from yourself

many thanks