How dare yo in this day and age asked for skilled labour and not to pay for it.I`m referring to add 1008855763,post date 2nd feb 2013!
This is thought to be a practise which has now hit a site for all make-up artists and should think it will be dicussed with Bectu.WE are highly trained technicians heavily insured (rightly so )to carry out our work.I can only imagine that some novice,untrained in litigation in this area,put this add in! If something goes wrong,ie,if burnt hair happens because some would be trainee makeup personnel doesnt understand how hot ceramic tongs can be,especially on colour trated hair,to name just one example,and there are manyHow do you expect people to eat?are you saying Sky cant afford to pay people?????????
We are all disgusted with this add,and am eager to see your response as i will be putting ot to a forum!
Eve Wignall.make-up/hair artist in TV/film for 32 years!