Dear Sir/ Madam,

I recently ate at your restaurant, and I was highly disappointed with the service and food when I visited. My friends and I dined at “Café Rialto” on the 14th of March to celebrate my birthday. I was rather looking forward to my meal, as I have lunched at “Rialto” before, with my parents, and the food was exquisite. However, this time was rather different.

Firstly, my four friends and I arrived and had to wait around for 15 minutes before being seated. We were shown to a tiny table hidden in a cramped corner, rather than sitting on one of the other bigger tables. The restaurant was reasonably empty so there was simply no need to “shun” us into a corner.

Secondly, it took 20 minutes before a waiter took our order. It was a rather simple order of sausages and chips all round, but it took nearly 50 minutes to arrive at the table. And, when our meal arrived, it was burnt and soggy! I noticed that another table received their chips before us and there’s were not burnt!

My friends and I were astonished by such rude behaviour, and so we left to have dessert somewhere else. My friends and I feel that we were treated this way because we are only teenagers, although we weren’t being noisy or disruptive.

I feel that your staff’s behaviour was unacceptable and that it ruined my birthday, so I am expecting a letter of apology and a free meal for my friends and I.


Anna Elizabeth Craig