I live in Bathgate, Scotland and have just heard of people being fined for parking in Aldi’s car park in Bathagte.

Amongst others, I heard of one woman (a retired lady) who did her shopping at Aldi’s – when she arrived home she realised she had forgot to buy an item, so returned to purchase it from Aldi. Guess what – she was fined £70 – because she returned within 4 hours!!!

This is outrageous, Aldi – you are losing customers by fining regular loyal customers. You need to adopt a different method to ‘control’ car parking – what is the point of fining someone who returnes to the store within 4 hours?

I just realised today about the 4-hour rule, so had to make sure when I re-visited the store (within 4 hours) to take a diiferent car, so that I wasn’t fined.

As a result of this practice, I am going to make sure all my friends and collegues are aware of what a poor system it is and make sure people stop shopping at Aldi. Aldi is responsible – no matter who controls the parking, Aldi contract the company to do this and as such Aldi should make the rules, rather than leave some rip-off parking company to extort as much money as they can. The notices with the rules are hardly noticeable (on purpose?) . I have been parking there weekly for months, without really noticing them.

Normally the car park is never full, so why employ a company to ‘control’ parking and drive customers away ? Fair enough if Aldi want some parking control, then fine poeple who either do not shop in the shop, or leave their car parked for a time that makes it unlikely they are shopping (eg > 2hours).

If I ever get fined for parking at Aldi, I will never ever shop there again and I think most people will be the same. The person who decided to employ the company to ‘control’ the parking obviously doesn’t care about customers!!!