Id like to make a formal complaint about the way your Store in Street Somerset is being run. I use your store 4-5 times a week for regular shopping for myself, my family and animals. I’m 26 years old and look it. I am sick to deaf of being asked for identification to buy cigerette papers, lighters, matches and alcohol etc.

I don’t look under 25 in the slightest neither does my partner. I only live round the corner so i use the store on a regular basis. I am recognised by the staff and still asked to provide identification. The only I.D I have is my passport and i refuse to carry this with me every time i need to go shopping. On many occasions i have been spoken to in a bad manner such as if i have no right to even consider buying a bottle of wine. I have been embarrassed by staff in front of other customers and have left the store and returned with my passport and purchased the items i intended.

Must I carry a passport at all times or have to make 2 trips everytime i intend to go shopping. I completely understand the laws and your policy on serving under age consumers but my partner and I are clearly not under age and when spending £150 plus at a time in your store to be told i cant buy a bottle of wine is becoming borderline to discrimination.