Argos Direct,
Acton Gate,
ST18 9AR

February 2010

To whom it may concern,

Re: A personal complaint on customer service

Hi, I am happy to say that I am a frequent customer of yours and have often used the Leicester branch of Argos to purchase my products. And up until now I have been fairly satisfied with the service that you provide. However I recently came across a few dilemmas while trying to purchase a product of personal delicacy. The product in question was the latest Braun Silk Epilator 7, a product that is embarrassing for any girl to purchase to say the least. Yet this time round I felt that my privacy was invaded at every step.

Firstly browsing through the product in the in-store catalogue was almost impossible. The catalogues were placed too close to the next persons on each side and buying something personal felt embarrassing. I felt I had to slam shut the catalogue every time, someone came near me.

Secondly, when I had finally made my selection, I headed in the direction of the payment counter to find a long line of customers waiting to be served, with at least eight free counters and only three assistants tending them made it impossible to head off to my next destination any time soon.

Thirdly upon reaching the counter I realized what was about to happen. I had customers to my left and customers to my right, yet the person serving me announced my order like it was a speech for world peace. It was something that I would have liked to keep anonymous and felt that my privacy was invaded although if it was any other product I wouldn’t have minded so much.

And finally as I rushed out as fast as I could, my face almost red from embarrassment, I came across these huge next editions of the Argos catalogue that were placed in carrier bags. And since I had already tried taking one of them home in the past at the expense of my arm nearly dropping off, I gave this one a miss. Suggest that in the future you create smaller catalogues that customers are able to actually carry.

I hope this helps you in the future development of your catalogue ordering system and I can only hope that the service that you provide is more discrete in the future.

Kind regards,

Anonymous Customer