I purchased Mower and Grass Trimmer Pack, which was on offer and when I took it home it seemed to be used and didn’t assembly properly due to the handle issue. Therefore I took it back to the Erith Argos Store and got it exchanged, Manager Steven from the store bought the box out and it seem to be opened. I asked if this exchanged product or new he said it’s new, I picked up the box and noticed its being lighter than the one I bought back. I decided to open the box and the grass trimmer was missing and everything was all over the place.

As I opened the box in the store I told the staff member, Steven told me that it’s new product and she went inside and bought me the Trimmer, which was also full of scratches and dust.

I paid for new one and why should I take the old product so I asked for a refund. I asked the staff member about Steven, who told me that this product is brand new and she said he is the store manager, now who do you complaint to?

It was nice sunny day and I had wasted in Argos, what did I get in return not even apology, I had to drive to the Argos twice and carried heavy box to the store and at the end I couldn’t even get my mower.

I was refused to be given Steven’s surname and he didn’t even come out to speak to me.