I took the family to the Hawick branch last Monday.
The youngest grandson’s meal was half an hour late.
I went to the bar to enquire where it was and I was told to calm down or the barmaid would not deal with me. She said she would walk away.
I asked to speak to the manager; she said she was the manager.
I said that the meal was half an hour late. She said it was nothing to do with her because she had not served me.
I said that, as the manager, every action of her staff was her responsibility. She disagreed.
I asked for a customer-complaint for. She said she did not have any.
I asked for the contact details of the Regional Manager. She said is it Wetherspoon’s policy not to release this information.I said I was not satisfied and would take this further. I received no apology and I left the restaurant.
I think your manager needs further traiing in that it is not just a waitress with a fancy title. Retail management means managing a customer’s expectations, defusing a situation and then managing a solution to the problem.
Problems happen; it is a fact of live but customers will not be argued with, told to present their complaints in a submissive manner or treated like chhildren
An apology must be the first approach to solving a problem. The second is to endeavour to ascertain what has gone wrong and how it can be put right.
There have been a number of problems at the Hawick branch ever since it opened. This is yet another one.
I would like to you to take appropriate remedial action in this matter
Keith J.Salmon