To whom it may concern,

I would like you to know that I have always been a very loyal customer of your store, visting my local Asda on a regular basis, but no more.

My family and I recently purchased a pack of 4 chicken legs from Asda, little knowing the harm they would cause. Upon getting these succulent legs home and planning our meal around our four pieces, we were astounded to find not four but five succulent pieces of chicken leg. At this point you may be wondering as to why I feel the need to complain but this very serious matter of an extra leg raised wholly hell within the family over who would get the spare leg.

My dad was fighting with my husband, my mum was crying into a kitchen towel and the dog managed to pull over the bin, all for a chicken leg.

I hope you understand the distress caused by this and understand the weight of this complaint. I write to you in the hope of savng other families from such unfortunate incidents.

Kind Regards

Mrs. K. Adams

P.S It was I that got the spare leg but only after much wrestling with the dog.