So I’m on an early morning bus which I take to the train station every day and it’s going well. It’s a beautiful morning and the air is fresh and clear. The bus pulls into the bus station and most of the people get off, leaving just three other people and myself. We pull out and head down toward the train station. At the top of the dual carriageway I get up and head to the front of the bus to show my intention to get off. I am standing right beside where the driver sits – there is no way he cannot see me. Because I weigh over 25 stone and am 6’3″….true story! As we approach the stop I am thinking about the day ahead and how good it’s going to be. Then things go wrong. The bus doesn’t slow down as we approach the stop. I think, “It’ll be fine there is no way he has missed me”. The bus shoots past the stop. Apparently he has missed me. A chain of events unfolds in my mind – I missed the stop, so I will miss the train, therefore I will be late for work and becuase I work as a tour guide someone else will have to do my tour thus making me the most hated person in Edinburgh. Extreme maybe but I turn to the driver and shout, “What are you doing?” He slams the brakes on. I fly forward pretty much right into the windscreen. My arm is now sore. I am raging. I turn again to the driver and say “What the hell?” He calmly and smugly looks at me and says, “That’s what the buzzer is for”. I am now apopletic with rage and so get off the bus before I do something I regret. I make the train and the chain of events does not unfold but my arm hurts for three days after. Not impressed and the bus driver needs to get a grip. Rant over. Thanks for listening.