To the Store Manager:
I am writing to complain about how bad the customer service was when we visited the store on Saturday 13th November. My wife and I had ordered an ipod Nano to be collected in store. We queued up at around 4pm at the collection point in Customer Service, as we got to the head of the queue, the lady serving said she was going home as she was supposed to leave 30 minutes earlier, she did say she was arranging for someone else to take over but she left us just standing there with a queue building up behind us and we had already waited 20 minutes to be served.
I had to go and find a member of staff and a few minutes later someone else took over. When we ordered the product via your website it actually stated we would get a £20 gift voucher but there was no such thing when we opened the package containing the ipod Nano. The assistant said there was nothing he could do so we asked to see the manager. The person who turned up said he was the duty manager (Matt Team Leader it said on his badge). He did check the website on his phone and said there was no such offer and he wasn’t going to give us anything so we asked for a refund.
Matt told us to queue up again but as we had waited such a long time we asked if he could do the refund for us he said no he couldn’t do anything as he was just from the warehouse. If he were the duty manager, surely he could have done something but he just walked off. Anyway the assistant gave us a refund eventually.
As we were about to leave we saw the duty manager dealing with another complaint so we waited to speak to him again as he had just walked off when we spoke to him the first time. He denied walking off and said he had arranged for a refund to be given, but we never heard him say anything at the time. Then we talked about having to queue for a long time he said it was nothing to do with him, it was the fault of the Customer Service manager, there was nothing he could do. We were disgusted with his attitude.
So the store visit just to pick up one item took over an hour.
1. It is unacceptable for a member of staff to leave a queue of people waiting because her relief hadn’t turned up.
2. Why have a duty manager who has no willingness to do anything helpful for his store’s customers?

I accept the fact that the ipod Nano arriving without the gift card is out of your control but your staff are under your control and we expect something to be done about this. We visit the Abingdon store occasionally and the staff are a lot friendlier and more helpful there so we think it’s a problem with your store.

I thought I would leave it a few days before writing to complain just in case I was over reacting but I still feel angry about what happened. I expect a prompt reply as I am prepared to take this further if this is not resolved satisfactorily.

Yours faithfully,