Hello my name is Nick Melton and i have just been genueily ripped off by a manager, james Seabrook manager at the moon under the stars clacton, i am so annoyed because i know for a fact i gave him £20 although he gave change of ten pounds. and when asked insisted that the till suggested otherwise !!! i i know he is lying or at best mistaken!!!!! and has exploited which was to eject me froptaken, im in the process of contacting my solictor because its only ten pounds but its the principle of the thing.. your operational skills are at best shoddy and slack and the embarrasment of the manager desputing the obvious,i asked for the police to ammend the situation, but and its a big but, you as a company have totally ripped me off, and the manager barman forgot almost immediately what note was tendered!!!! what kind management do you employ are they skilled in lying ???? my next communication will be my solictiors