Dear Mr Halfords,

I hope that you are thoroughly ashamed of what you have done. As a result of what you did, I regret to inform you that i will, in fact, be suing you.

A couple of months ago, i came and i bought a bikr at halford’s. It was a purple bike, a children’s one. Now, the child that i bought it for has come to me, to say…

“My bike isn’t working. We’ve been to halfords about a million times to try and get it fixed, but nothing works.”

” What’s wrong with it?” I asked

Her reply was”… umm,… Well,… you see,… it isn’t working because it’s already had two flat tyres. Is there anything you can do?”

That little girl was 5 years old. She now has to get a new bike, according to her. AND I AM NOT HAPPY.


before the same thing happens again.

Yours sincerely,

( Very Irritated Person)