Moved into my home nearly 2 years ago. Shortly after moving in, noticed that the local bin collection men would always place my rubbish bin in the middle of my drive – not where I had left it (left it on the grass on the side).

I politely asked them one morning they were out if they could just please put the bin back on the grass where I had left it. They said not a problem.

The following week, my bin was left in the middle of my drive. The week after, the same. It’s been this way every week. I started to look down my road, to see how many other bins were left in drives. I saw no others.

I phoned the council, who said they would have a word with the supervisor. About a week later, my bin was not only left in the centre of my drive, but it was only half emptied.

Made another complaint. A few days later, I noticed a van parked outside my home after 10pm and I had never seen this van before. Tried to see who was inside, but very dark. It sat in front of my home for at least one hour.

My bin continues to be returned to the centre of my drive. I now check other bins weekly, and I never see any others placed in drives.

I am putting this down to the fact I am half Pakistani. I don’t know what else this could possibly be.

Think it’s petty, juvenile, and shameful.

North Warwickshire Resident