Im a 17 year old girl who is fed UP of life, i feel like i cant moan to other people, so this letter, as well a complaint, is a long arse moan.
I am doing my second year of a levels at school and am not the most naturally clever person so i do have to work hard… My mum doesnt have enough money to give me, well, anything, so i recently got a part time job at b&q.
I work 20 hours a week, two 4 hour shifts a week and 6 hours each weekend day. i am EXHAUSTED.
i go to school 25 hours a week as well as a hefty amount of school work and coursework and exams.
Its now january and i have had three exams, still working my twenty hour week. I booked this weekend off as i started work in b&q and have been looking farward to it, and been so excited for weeks, finally a chance to relax without exams for a weekend. But no, my boss tells me TODAY that i have to work. i am furious. i begged him to let me have it off but he refused.
moreover, i also booked off two weeks of my week day shifts as in a month i have a play to do for my exam. He also tells me today, i cant have two of the shifts off. one of which, is the evening of my EXAM. i dont know what to do. i am so exhausted, i have yet more deadlines and exams coming but i desperatly need this money to survive