Dear Editor

I have to get this off my chest. That “solar-powered bra” as it was reported in the news. What has happened to journalism?

When I saw the headline I thought, and hoped, that possibly it was a bra with some kind of solar panel, which powers a device that inflates the cups and makes the wearer appear bustier. Sorry, that’s how my mind works, and I can’t be the only one. If I was right that would have been silly enough, but kind of amusing. However reading on down the article, the reporting turns out to be senseless garbage.

First, the makers admit that the solar panel will hardly ever work, as clothing would generally cover it. They even bother to caution against wearing it in the rain, and I would love to imagine that they are trying to be funny here and not just insulting intelligence.

Secondly, as modelled by the very pretty Japanese girl, it’s not a bra at all, but a kind of fluffy corset type thing. And the important bit, the solar panel, is worn over the tummy, so in fact you could wear it with anything – no bra need be involved at all.

Thirdly, it does not power a bra. It powers a cell-phone charger – which, surely, is easier to charge by other more conventional means.

Fourthly, the makers make out that this is a concept that underlines their commitment to a greener future, or some such claptrap. This despite the fact it is a drop in the ocean and by their own admission doesn’t work anyway.

All in all, it was the reporting which annoyed me so much: It isn’t a solar-powered bra at all, because it isn’t a bra and it isn’t solar-powered. It’s a mobile phone charger that is made useless by being worn under clothing.

And fifthly, the BBC apparently judges this pointless and erroneous trash to be newsworthy. I was irritated that I’d even used up any eye-power reading such journalistic drivel, and aghast that I was now actually writing about it! If it weren’t for the sexy Japanese model I wouldn’t still be looking at it now.

Yours truly,

Andy Smith