Margaret Bellamy,
Head of Leicestershire County Council’s Library Service,
Leicestershire Library Services
County Hall

Dear Ms Bellamy,

In a country with an ever increasing illiteracy problem, I cannot see how replacing library staff at Loughborough library with self-checkout machines is going to achieve anything other than accelerate the national decline.

When Mr and Mrs Chav realise that keeping their eleven year old daughter Chantelle off school every other week for the last three years in false hope of winning a week’s holiday in Blingadorm, on Derry Pyle’s daytime TV show was all in vain, and they are left with a massive phone bill and a Chavlet who can’t read, will these new machines tell them where the Janet and John books are? No in the same way they can’t issue me with the key to access the local history room upstairs, so I can remember the locality before government debt and it’s anti-common sense squad
went book reader bashing.

What’s the next move for the library? Take all the books out to create more space for the next wine flowing author event. Didn’t all those bottles of wine paid for out of council taxpayers money get the Winos in off the street?…Yes and now they’ve found the library they come in quite a bit. Problem is, now there’s no wine because the council’s spent a fortune on these incommunicado, incompetent machines they get rather aggressive. Result the library’s unsafe, because you’ve not programmed the machines to call the police.

So when the Wino’s run off in anger with all the council tax paid for books and PC’s. All those annoying expensive self-checkout machines will be redundant.

Please whilst we’ve still some books left in the library can we have the old library staff back, a return to common sense is long overdue.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Large