To whom it my concern,my now husband and i stayed at weatherspoon in salisbury sunday the 14th august 2011 and was woken up in the early hours of monday morning (our wedding day) by one of the guest banging on the door wanting to come in as she was scared but as my husband got up to answer the door he stubbed his foot on the stairs leading to the bathroom ,which was very close to the bed . he was left in agony even to this day . at 8.30 on monday morning i the bride had to go out and shop for a new pair of shoes for my husband it has totally ruined our wedding so much we had to cancel our honeymoon in weymouth i would like to point out that we did complain monday morning and was given our stay for free for the sunday but cancelled the monday night stay which we had to pay for as we were so tired . please could you reimburse our nght that we didnt stay as we feel it wasnt our fault. hopefully this will be sorted out soon yours sincerley mr &mrs watkins