Dear Stagecoach,

Having travelled on your buses for many years, and having seen a considerable decline in standards, I feel I must voice my concerns, hoping you will listen and take notice, as I am sure I am only one of many disgruntled passengers.
I would be grateful if you could address the following issues:
Why do your drivers think they are on a race track, ignoring speed bumps, and braking sharply at bus stops. If I ever have to go upstairs, (A last resort), I spend my entire journey worrying how I am ever going to get back down again safely.
You advertise a ten minute service on my local route, but I regularly have to wait over twenty minutes, only to see two or three buses arrive together. If I have an appointment in town, or a train to catch, I now leave my house half an hour earlier, in order to ensure I arrive on time.
How can your electronic board display ‘next bus due six minutes, five, four, three, two, one – then suddenly disappear off the radar – and no bus!
Unfortunately for its residents, your company has a virtual monopoly in this city, so I have no choice but to use your service.
In today’s eco-friendly climate, we are frequently being encouraged to ‘ditch the car’ and take the bus – perhaps more people would do so if they had a service they knew they could rely on .
This is not the first time I have written to you, the previous occasion was after a very long and stressful journey going to visit a sick relative in hospital. In that instance my individual questions were not answered – I received one of your bog standard ‘sorry’ letters and a complimentary weekly bus ticket. I’m not after freebies – just to be able to get from A to B – hassle free.
I would be extremely grateful, if on this occasion, you will take my issues ‘on board’, and give me the courtesy of a personal reply.

Yours Sincerely
A very unsatisfied customer