I have been trying to organise a transfer of contracts with my x after our split …You guys have been nothing but unhelpful in this process …I was in 02 Romford on Monday handed in all paperwork and have the confirmation that you recieved the fax for transfer but seems although I have all confirmations you have no record yourself …As a company of your size I find this completely unacceptable and your atitude towards long term customers is (to put it in nice terms )disgusting …I work in a company that consists of 1000 employees and 02 was the company of choice but I can assure you that you will be changing as contracts come to maturity……I look forward to your response as long as it isn’t the same as the one recieved from your so called gurus…I seriously advise that you cahnge your attitude towards customers otherwise will be your lose out in the long run.

Regards Daniel