I have just come back from my third trip to Butlins and once again I am horrified by the state of the toilet situation at their Bognor resort.

They have one set of toilets to cover the whole of the Skyline Pavilion! Yes, thats right – just the one area. This one area is split into two sections – Mens and Ladies (can’t comment on the Mens as no one in my party qualified).

Inside the Ladies you find a bank of about 10 cubicles plus one baby changing room and one disabled toilet. My eldest child is disabled and during our three day stay we managed to get into the disabled toilet twice. The rest of the time it was either in use (usually by one of the disgruntled mothers fed up with queuing for the baby changing room) or it was in the process of being cleaned with a yellow sign blocking the door and a wet floor.

In fact, on the two occasions we did manage to get in, the floor was disgusting and certainly not somewhere you wish to change a disabled person. Where are you supposed to change an adult – on the baby changing bench?

Mind you, the rest of the toilets were pretty dismal as well – water on the floors, soap everywhere thanks to the over-excited dispensers and, not forgetting, the ever present blocked toilets.

Come on Butlins – you can do better than this! If your staff are really checking the toilets as often as it states then sack them. On reflection, if you realised this is a third world country and tried adding another set of toilets then perhaps they wouldn’t be in this state to start with!