had ordered a large stuff crust beef pizza from the woodbrigehill road pizza shop in guildford and had to call the manager mr malic to tell him that we had 2 slides of ham in 1 of the slices I also explained that we are Muslim and don’t eat pork mr Malic then insulted me by saying if we were Muslim we would not have ordered a beef pizza I explained to him that we eat outside food but not pork he then again told me that the beef is not halal and that we could not be muslim but antway he was sending a driver to collect the pizza and due to the company police their was no way he could send another pizza as we had only 3 slices left (we are family of six) I’m very upset with this managers customer service and so asked for his name he then told me I had no right to know this when I explained that I wanted to use this to contact head office he put the phone down on me I the rang back but he contacted me first to say he would come to my house if he found no ham on the pizza as he is busy I then told him that I would come down to the shop to drop the pizza with my husband he then said the driver was on his way I also told him that I did not want a new pizza ,,,,,when the driver arrived with a new pizza the children were hungry as I had not cooked I accepted the new pizza and gave the 3 old slices to the driver I also showed him the ham and he confirmed that yes it was ham