I am writing regarding problem I been regularly having at Tesco car wash at Beckton, London
I went for car wash in Tesco Beckton, London /04/2013 10:30am. I ask for quick car wash £2.30 as it advertise on the board. Asian man in his fifties who is in charge there he refused to wash my car for £2.30 by not taking my money and then he demanded £3.50.
I told him that I want quick wash as it advertise he told me to go away, when I told him that I will complain about him he sweared at me told me fuck off. I felt very bad I waited there for little while not knowing what to do and thinking what have i done to get all this from this man ? Why he is doing this?
Others having same problem however people does not know where and how to complain about it.
This happened to me twice before but he did not swear at that time. Straight from there I went to Asda car wash I received good service.
I am Indian Asian Muslim in his 30.