I thought I ought to let everyone know about the hole that my son has discovered in Sky’s online shop. It allowed him to add sky packages without my permission and without the need for my username or password.

I urge all Sky customers with teenager to think very carefully about continuing with Sky until this is fixed AND Sky fixes its attitude.

I have been fortunate that he has been honest with me and confessed what he has done. Nonetheless I am shocked to find this can be done and even more shocked to see Sky customer care’s complete indifference to the situation. They have repeatedly denied this could be possible, inferring I have been careless with the password. Even when I have taken them to the url and shown them how to do it themselves, their reaction is that it is not an issue they need to do anything about.

I have now cancelled my Sky subscription and I would urge everyone else to seriously consider doing the same. Sky’s attitude to what I consider to be reckless care of my money is a shock and, I suspect, not entirely within the limits of the Data Protection Act. Even if it is, it has to be considered sharp practice. I wonder how many other households have unsuspectingly had packages added by disgruntled teenagers without the account holder’s permission, authorisation or knowledge.

What makes Sky customer care’s attitude even more unacceptable is the fact that I first pointed this hole out to them in May and quick as a flash 5 months later absolutely nothing has been done about it. When I pointed out that the changes had been made without my permission and it should be reversed and any charged reimbursed, they refused, even insisting that a 25% discount they had offered to me would be withdrawn because I was downgrading a package that I didn’t upgrade in the first place.

So this is how it works…

1. on your sky box, try going to a channel, such as Sports 1, for which you don’t have subscription for. You will see that it directs you to a url which connects you to www.sky.com/shop/bundles-offers/.

2. Click on ‘Log-in’ and a box appears. Option 1 is to log in using your username and password but option 2 allows a login with your details

Now we come to the scary bit….

3. All you need to know is the account holders first and last names, the postcode and the 9 digit sky account number that you can get very easily by pulling the Sky card out of the digibox.

You’re in and can go on a shopping spree to your heart’s content with someone else’s money.

Next time you have a baby sitter over I suggest you get out the superglue and glue the Sky card door closed.

As for me I have switched to BT Vision. Not sure what the viewing experience will be like but hopefully I will be able to keep control of which packages I have actually authorised.