We said before we would not go to Wetherspoon because of food being cold but stupidly we went back there again and AGAIN food came out almost cold. My roast dinner looked lost on the plate – a few pieces of carrot and broccoli (no peas) and four tiny pieces of roast potato. The pork was disgusting. The yorkshire pudding was as hard as rock. All of it was luke warm.

My mother had ham, egg and chips. Her eggs were almost hard. Her chips were luke warm.

This is not good enough for a chain as big as Wetherspoon. I am surprised anyone goes there regularly for meals.

The only thing Wetherspoon is good at cooking is bacon and toast.

We had to wait an hour for our food because they are still bringing out breakfasts at 12.30 !!!!!!! This pub is all about breakfasts because they are no good at anything else.