To The Complainer

I consider myself to be a very positive person, always looking on the bright side and dealing with things as they come up. When asked to write a letter of complaint I struggled. I have a few pet hates, people not clearing up after their dogs and builders bums, but nothing that warrants me taking an hour out of my day to complain about it. Then, lighting struck. The one thing, the only thing that really gets my goat is people continuously complaining!

It begins first thing in the morning, normally before even waking. The boyfriend complaining he can’t find his tie, the children complaining that they are hungry, that they are not hungry, that they are tired, that its too early, that they are running late. I could go on forever. I even have the dog complaining that he wants to go out or his breakfast is not ready. The beginnings of another positive day.

The school journey. Hundreds of voices complaining in perfect unison, it’s too hot, it’s too cold, the traffic was terrible, the children are misbehaving, I have so much to do, I have nothing to do. You know what I mean, you have all heard it.

The office.Eight continuous hours of complaining. Clients complaining about the weather, unhappy colleagues complaining about their lives, a dissatisfied boss complaining about his work load. Need I go on?

Arriving home in the evening, disheartened and fed up to be met with even more complaints. Even those who live alone encounter the same thing. Its constant, it’s all around us and it will never stop.

Those of a sunny disposition are flagging under the constant pressure. It’s like a huge weight on our shoulders as, day in, day out we plod along through life refusing to dwell on the negative, looking for the good in everything whilst trying to ignore Mrs H from next door who always seems to complain very loudly and very frequently about absolutely everything.

I put it to you, The Complainer to consider us as you go about your daily rountine.You may not realise it but we are always around, diminishing in numbers rapidly but present none the less. Next time you are at the bus stop complaining, or at your local shop having a moan, or in the doctor’s office to discuss your latest complaint with one of the lucky ones who actually get paid to listen, have a quick peek around first. You will see one of us, with a radiant smile and quite possibly ear plugs, trying to go about our lives appreciating every moment (well most of them anyway).

I challenge you to not to complain, for just one day, or even just one hour.

You would have nothing to say at all then would you?