23 august 2013:

i recently got on the 82 bus from town to park road, i got on a double deker bus with a 4 month old baby, ever seat was taking so i put the pram in the pram bit, where there was also a man in a wheel chair, there was plenty of room for both, the bus driver got out from his seat and told me to fold the pram, i was in the middle of feeding the baby his bottle, i told the driver there was loads of room because there was also 3 ladys standing behind me and he continuted to be rude and tell me to fold the pram, there was no were for me to sit so i asked him were was i suppose to sit on the floor and he said he didnt no and was still being rude, i decided to get off the bus and wait for another stage coach bus which i got on with no problems. I think its discusting that a bus driver can speak to a member of public like that. i told him i was reporting him and he told me to please do. ive never had any complaints with stage coach before and would consider using then again.