12 Buxton Road
GL15 8ER

Mr J Smith, Manager
The Cacti Kitchens
74-78 Cobbling Street

04 March 2016

Dear Mr Smith,

Letter of complaint

I write regarding the dismal food and service which my partner and I received upon dining at your restaurant on 02 March 2016.

The table had been booked several weeks in advance and we arrived at 08.30 PM as arranged. Upon entering your establishment, the abrupt drop in temperature was instantly noticeable, despite the wintery conditions outside on that evening. When we, along with a couple at the next table, pointed this out to our waiter and requested that the heating be increased, we were advised in a remarkably brusque manner that this would not be possible and were given no further explanation. As a direct result of the conditions within your restaurant, neither my partner nor I felt able to remove our outer clothing—which included coats and scarves—for the duration of the meal. This would in itself have naturally deducted from our overall enjoyment of our visit even if this had been the only issue which, alas, it was not.

As if this were not bad enough, we were further dismayed when our respective starters were served at least five minutes apart. By the time my own bruschetta had arrived, my partner’s soup was tepid at best—an occurrence rendered quite inevitable by the low temperature within the restaurant itself. Upon mentioning this to our waiter, he stated defensively that this was not his fault and suggested that we should eat more quickly in order to prevent further cooling of the food. Finally, when our main courses arrived, we found the quality of the food to be utterly dissatisfactory. The majority of my partner’s “home-made” potato wedges were burnt beyond redemption whilst my own penne pasta was sadly undercooked. Once again, our comments to our waiter were met by a display of haughty nonchalance and a distinct lack of any concern or remorse.

I feel compelled to express my intense disappointment at this entire experience. The general quality of your establishment and food and your staff’s attitude of indifference to our discomfort is frankly unacceptable and effectively ruined what should have been a lovely evening. Particularly as we received neither rectification nor apology on the date in question, we are now undoubtedly entitled to some form of compensation from you.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you by return with confirmation of the form of recompense we will receive.

Yours sincerely,
Clara Jones