Dear sir,
I used to work in sainsbury’s i can’t disclose my name and department but i m companies well wisher thats why i would like to tell you something about a colleague. I am going to tell u about Shailza rana who is working in sainsbury’s beaconsfield in online department early morning shift (6 am to 10 am). She has tried her job online so many times by deleting her previous status, i mean once she tried online job she was failed she knew that she cant try her job in six months but she tried, she deleted her previous history from sainsbury’s site i think which is an illleagle and tried again, she did the same for so many times and finally she got a message for interview and when she has selected she gave fake refferences to HR she came from india as a student of Bucks New University High Wycombe but she never went to university for study,you can veryfy from university. She gave fake refferences of university and asda. She told HR in her interview that she worked in asda but she never worked in asda, u can confirm from asda as well. University has declined her refference because she never went to university for study and university has been sent an email to home office that she is not our student now and she is an illeagle. She got a letter twice time from sainsbury’s to clear her refferences but she didn’t clear, she has proven that she worked in asda by fake refference she made the sainsbury’s people fool even she is making british people fool. She always theft precious things from sainsbury’s and people didn’t know about that. According to me her online manager Sharon is helping her because i think she didn’t aware about these things. I tell u one thing more she gave some money to her colleague Daniel who is working in night shift (9 pm to 7 am) to do sham marriage with her so that she can stay here as leagle and get permanent residence. she is doing so many illeagle things in sainsbury’s when u will investigate you will find that, and i am sure about this. I am telling you because this is the matter of company’s prestige. She has a 10 hours student work visa at present.
But she is working 20 hours in a week and doing over time everyday. she broke companies policies and making everyone fool and thats very shameless for you. she didn’t disclose her new visa to HR because if she show her new visa than she can’t work for more hours. she is trying to be over smart so please check her passport and her fake refferences and take some hard action against her.Iam a sainsbury’s well wisher so i can’t see sainsbury’s under loss. I used to work in sainsbury’s thats why this is my responciblity to keep you aware about this, after all i got everything from this company. This is my request that please investigate all these things and i m sure you will find her guilty and take hard action against her or fired her.
I have done my responciblity to tell u about these things which are happening in sainsbury’s beaconsfield and now its your turn to take some hard action against her because breaking company’s policies is a very big offence and it is not toleratable which she has done. So just fired her or do whatever you think is better.


Well Wisher.