I am probably not alone when i write this complaint. I have had a severe gambling problem over the last several months and have had a lot of support from my family and general practitioner to overcome the addiction. However, the addiction is very hard to overcome especially when all you see on television are the adverts such as **** Bingo, ***** Bingo, **** Bingo and now ***** Bingo and many more. These adverts are being shown during my most enjoyed programmes of which i am now finding that i have to try to avoid my programmes or i am frequently running away from the advert breaks. I am aware that i cannot stop the TV Broadcasters showing the adverts but more should be done to perhaps cut the number of adverts being shown. There must be so many other people who are at home all day with time on their hands who are enticed to play bingo because of these adverts. The adverts make you believe that you can win lots of money and even worse, they offer free money to play with! I know that this is how the addiction starts because eventually you just think “I will just put on a tenner”. Then you lose it. Then another tenner and another until it gets worse. In the end a lot more than a tenner was being put on, in my case anyway. Surely, i am not the only one who has/is having this problem. The Bingo adverts are not to be taken lightly because they must be having a big impact on peoples lives or perhaps i am the only one who believes dreams can come true by being “IN IT TO WIN IT”. Don’t be fooled like i was. Something must be done to stop these adverts and to stop gambling being thrown in our faces all day long!