I recently cruised with my girl friend on the Aurora to the Med.Cruise No 3321 On our second night we changed to Table 103 second sitting. On arriving at the table I felt that the people there were not going to make us welcome. We sat down and greeted the other occupants of the table with a good evening to be made extremely uncomfortable straight away. Unknown to me one of the females was the Photographer Becky Reid her mother and her sister. She purposely stood up and moved her seat away from me and never spoke a word. After the meal I thanked the other couple for there company and turned to her and told her I felt she had been quite rude to say the least. My friend and I then left and went to one of the bars for a night cap. The photographer and her mother purposely waited for us to come out of the bar at 12.15 at night. They approached us in the Hall way and caused a scene saying that the mother had paid more than me for her cruise and that my friend should start lookinbg for another friend to travel with. The scene in the hallway was dreadful and uncalled for. It was so embarrassing especially from a member of staff. I had to walk away from her to stop her ranting at me I have cruised with Cunard many many times. but never with P@O before. I would like to think I could cruise with them again without being attacked by a Photograper and her mother. Concequently we were never approached by any photographer to have any pictures taken as she had also discussed with others on the cruise. I found the whole experience disgraceful to say the least. My friend and I paid full price for our holiday and I had no interest what other people paid. All I wanted to do was to relax after having a bad year in Hospital No such luck in doing so due to a very extremely rude member of staff. I would like to hear your comments please?Write your letter here… (don’t forget to delete this text)