dear sir or madam i am very dissapointed in the service and food quality i revieved at one of your stores in swindon savoy reagent street i took me my wife and my son for a meal on thursay the 28th of march for my sons birthday who is only 8 me and my wife had a steak meal each and my son had a burger meal and we asked for our steaks to be rare and they both came out well over done and chewy and my sons burger was cold and the chips were like they came out of fridge or something i took the meals back up to bar but the bar was packed and i tried to get the mans attention and just said i have to wait in the cue so i took the meals back to table and had to leave nearly all of all the meals a complete waste of money and dissapointment for my sons birthday we only brought him to the savoy as he likes it there as we eat there regulay but probaly will not be in future i understand it was busy but the quality of food and service i experienced it not something i would expect from urselfs i look forward to your reply m o sullivan please email me with response thanks for your time