I was completely shocked at the service in this place from only one particular member of staff.

Me and my girlfriend went and sat down and the waitress came over never even spoke to my girlfriend and would not take her order just mine.

Then when she came to leave the plates down she left mine down in front of me and jus shoved the other plate at my gf’s face until she had to take it off her to set down.

Then we went to the bathroom before the pizza arrived and the waitress saw my gf come out of the bathroom and purposly walked into straight into her and pushed her out of the way.

These two girls do not know each other she just took a complete dislike to my gf for no reason as she was very pleasant to the waitress when she initally came to take the order!

In the end up we had to leave because my gf got so upset at the way she was being treated by a total stranger.

I jus found this to be a complete disgrace