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Dear RIMers,

Am I correct in understanding that my Blackberry 9700 device utilises an encryption system developed by RIM’s acquired 2nd party Certicom Corp. that prevents unauthorized information exchange interceptions through the BB network? And this is why BB devices caused political agitation in the Middle and Far Eastern markets that have now since been resolved through an undisclosed compromise?

Without clarity on how these disputes were settled, I have little confidence on how secure my data is from a determined 3rd party, such as by CIA/NSA and MI5/6. If governmental agencies have been unable to infiltrate the RIM/Certicom Corp. encryption system and therefore imposed or threatened a ban on BB device use in their territories over grounds that they could be used by international terrorists then surely RIM conceded to disclose cryptanalyze methodologies in order to satisfy those concerns and be sure that RIM maintain market share in those political zones to premeditate backlash from your shareholders and installed user base?

If the BB cryptology is as good as I hope it is then I also have grave concerns that al-Qaeda could be using BB devices to communicate amongst us without intelligence agencies from being able to apprehend information as a matter of national security?

Furthermore, like most rational adults, I have a deep mistrust in governments who are part funded, manipulated by and act in the interests of corporate giants (see Bilderberg Group) and I do not want my business affairs to be broadcasted and understood by regulators in a pro-oil political/economic regime.

Please can you advise me on the current status of BB encryption to satisfy my concerns and reassert my confidence as a consumer of RIM products? Please tell me which if the following circumstances applies:

1) BB cryptology is to all intense and purposes uncrackable and its users can be confident that all information is secure including to international terrorist organisations who can communicate freely without risk of intelligence agencies from apprehending data.
2) BB has made compromises on its cryptology systems allowing governmental organisations to intercept and analyse data transmission through BB networks allowing 3rd parties to interpret data from my device without my knowing and prior authorisation.

I thankyou in advance for this clarification.

On a different topic, my Blackberry 9700 device has developed a couple of hardware faults:

On occasion the phone restarts when I press one of the volume keys. This is frustrating as the BB reboot sequence takes a number of minutes out of my carefully arranged schedule.
The loud speaker no longer operates without me physically pressing the area above the screen of the phone.

I was hoping to be able to exchange this now defunct device with the upcoming BB 9900 but have since learnt that despite this product being ready for market RIM has decided to delay it’s release in the UK until Q4. I now have to wait for 3 months for a new phone in which time I can not hear my phone ring in my pocket and have to wait whilst it reboots when I adjust the headphone volume. Please can you advise me on what you can do to alleviate this situation when like all Crackberry addicts I can not live without my device whilst it sent of to be fixed.


Mr Abraham Cambridge