Dear sir/madam, We have been going to the harvester in cleveleys, Lancashire for a good few years,at least once or twice a month. over the last few weeks we have been more regular as we have been christmas shopping and meeting family from the other end of the country ….. This weekend we went on saturday, it was quite busy and we had our normal family dinner, it wasent as good as normal things were a little over cooked and two out of five orders were wrong,we had the food anyway. without complaining staff looked very disorganised and stressed. We had to ask Afew times for cutelery. Anyway myself my wife and daughter went in on Sunday and it wasent busy at all but most tables were not cleared, we cleared our own table and when we asked for a cloth we were told someone would wipe the table but that never happened. We ordered chicken stack burger with bacon and cheese and 3 xchicken barbecued fillet a piece like Kentucky and chicken breast all one meal ,.and portion barbecued spare ribs stripped …as I must state mine the chicken stack burger came with a beef burger cottage cheese I think and practically raw bacon,my wife’s chicken mix was over cooked tasteless and dry as if it had been cooked to long or microwaved after already being cooked,the chips were over cooked and dryed out.The best was barbecued ribs they were like rubber absolutely awful, my daughter didn’t even eat quarter of her meal ..we are working class people not snobs moaning about a missing fork etc but the whole meal was rubbish we never complained as we ware going to the pictures and didn’t have the time. We were in the pub around two hours and in all that time two tables next to us were not cleared ..the tables were like this when we went in and still the same after we left …we use this grill often and spent £22.97 on food that my dog would snub, we also spent £8.50 on a bottle of cider and two cokes.

We will have to re think about going next weekend, i also took some photos of the tables that were not cleared all night. We are very dissapointed as this is a pub we use a lot, we have heard bad rumours regarding this pub but we didn’t believe it until we wittnesed it ourselfs. Thank you …. pete and Julie