When i was gonig through domestic abuse i was harrased by asda. The goods orderd were orderd without my consent against my will they were mailed to other peoples houses and the bill was acsessive. When i went into asda i had to help the old and disabled because they refused the staff have been nuthing more than abuseive to me even harrasing me and circling me around the shop outside and in the street. They began banning people who were having there purses stolen and they even had recepts. They have stod there screaming abuse at inocent people and have served people who are a server nucence to the comunity. Including the man who was abusing me. The shop plays music and the harrasment that comes from the people speeking from it is disgusting.
predudice is horrable they are harrasing me no end and i would like to know how to get justice. There personalitys are rubbish bitter and spitfull they have told lies about me no end. MY PURSE WAS STOLEN REAPEDLY I THINK IT WAS THERE STAFF.