Hello iam a professional ballet dancer and teacher . and i want to report the manager of local sainsbury of canterbury in new dover road ct1 mr.simon ( he didnt tell me his surname when i ask for that so i can describe him ) iam really disappointed from his behavior because i go every single day there.

the law about rolling tobacco is : you must be up to 18 years old and show ur ID . the local sainsubrys managers in Canterbury Simon he don’t accept National -europium ID from Cyprus also he don’t accept europium passport from Cyprus and europium driving license.Is the same store that in the past i bought several times rolling tobacco !!! i dare you to put the cameras back for one week and see ME how many time i bought rolling tobacco and sometimes i didnt even show id because they know me there and they know i can buy them . ! what i should i do ? I reported him to the Kent police station as a discriminator THANK YOU !and also his face expressions were very arrogant and with an attitude !