J have just sat through 30 minutes of journalism at it’s worst. A ‘reporter’ who was ‘interviewing’ four black youths who stated that were responsible for many acts of looting during the recent riots in the UK. He lead many of the questions in a very closed questioning process which really showed him to be only trying to ;grab headlines for Sky News.

Sky News should be totally disgusted with this reporters actions and the News Editor who allowed such sensationalism to be broadcast at Prime Time TV.should actually be asked to justify such poor jounalism

In addition where are the morals of Sky at the corporate level. The reportedy had four youths who are openly admitting to serious crimes, yet did nothing to promote the arrest of these youths and thereby setting the standards that Sky say it stands for. That is absolutley disgusting and Sky should be totally ashamed of it’s actions

I would imagine that this letter will receive absolutely no response, but I do hope it promotes some thoughts within the head office and perhaps such biased reporting to promote a reporters ‘standing’ within his peer group will be questioned and such poor reporting will not be given the ‘air time’ is so unjustly received.

Steve Golding