Esso Station
1-5 Arterial Road

I attended above petrol station on 24/1/10

I was on my motorcycle and tried to put petrol in my bike..the guy in the kiosk kept staring at me..
and wouldn’t turn pump on… he then points and makes gesture to put trigger back on the pump so i did this..then tried again and he just kept staring by then I’m getting bit peeved tries again then he shouts down microphone I have got to take my helmet off or wont serve me, bear in mind I have been spending money there for twenty years.

So I duly took helmet off and he then let me have the petrol..I then went in shop and he was abusive and send no one is to get served if wearing a helmet because I might ride off with out paying – bear in mind my number plate is on camera.

Would he ask a person to take her “burka” off or similar…i dont think not being racist by that remark …but its a valid point.

I’m now making official complaint to Esso and my MP