I am a customer of Tesco and Asda, after seeing the adverts on TV about giving Aldi a try I managed to comvince my husband to do our Monthly shopping there.

Everything was going well, was extremely happy with the range of items and the much lower prices until I got to the till.

I have never met such a rude, inconciderate achier in my life!!!!!
At first she was rushing to scan the items so I politely asked her if she cxould slow down as I was trying to pack. She rudely answered me that there is a packing are and the till is not the place to pack.
She carried on rushing through the scannin, I can understand she wanted to be quick but iI had fragile items, so I asked her again if she could stop trowing everything at me. I could see her frustration at some point she was literally pushing my hand as she rushed through putting my items on the side.

To make it worse at the end of the transaction my husband was going to pay with his creadit card as we normally use this card for everything, she was obviously very frustrated at this point. SHE HUFFED ROLLED HER EYES and told us we are holding up the queu!!!!
My husband politely asked her to wait a moment as he transfers money online to another account.
At this stage I am fuming so I told her she was rude and the worst cashier I have ever been surved by. She called for her supervisor who appologised to us and took us over to another till and we paid for out shopping.

I asked her supervisor for the lady’s name and she told me it was Florenta but her name badge said differently Nora.

I will never again shop at this store NEVER!!!!!!!

I have been so embarassed in my life, what ever happened to customers are always right. I have no idea how someone so rude can work in a customer facing position.

This was at Aldi in Tottenham.