At this Tesco (esso) petrol station they have 8 pumps I was waiting in a queue in my car to get a pump for a few minutes. I had not realised that 3 of the pumps were out of action, as my petrol cap is on the left side as some pumps don’t have an extension I have to drive forward, then reverse then drive back to the same pump that was available, after about a minute or two after clicking the pump about 30 times to get the petrol and waving franticly to the kiosk for them to press the button to give me the stuff I got a muffled message over tannoy.

This Petrol station was on a main road and all 4 pumps were in action so I never got these message, so I thought right lets go speak to them and find out what the hell they are up to. this large fellow came out of the doors just before I got to them who was very over zealous telling me that as my car was facing the wrong way in the petrol station I was not getting any petrol??? I said to this guy don’t be so ridicules. he says NO, then he tells me I am banned??? so I follow him in the station to which he got very aggressive towards me then actually touches me when he says get out of the store, so I tell him you just assaulted me. which he then tells me to leave or he will call the police! so I said go ring them but I am still going to get my petrol, so I faced the right way as that’s what they wanted, I was then allowed to put petrol in my tank, as I was walking towards the entrance a panda car pulled up, I told this policeman everything he took a few details from me, a man backed me up as he came out of the entrance, the policeman told me to pay and he will deal with the pillock. I paid and left… complete waster