Dear sir/madam

On 13th September 2016 my wife and i had a meal at jd Weatherspoons ” IN THE SQUARE” in bournemouth. We both had steak.

Whilst my wife’s steak was good, mine was very fatty. No staff came to ask if our meal was OK. I decided to continue my meal cutting out all the fat which was in abundance. At the end of the meals one of the staff collected our plates and asked if the meals were OK? I said my steak was very fatty but my wife’s was alright. The member of staff which i believe to be one of the senior staff replied “IT’S THE LUCK OF THE DRAW WITH STEAKS”.

Although I was too polite by continuing my meal I know I should’ve complained straight away and I probably would’ve if one of the staff asked during our meal. I was so taken back by her (the staff’s) comment left me speechless.

Over the years I’ve had several meals at Weatherspoons up and down the country and never had reason to complain.

Kind regards

Mr. B walker