It is nearly 5 30 in the evening and I still cannot have a rest in my room because the bathroom was absolutely full of flies walls. Ceiling, floor and a sink full.

This was my third attempt at getting g a room and I have been here since 2pm.

I am disabled and have been travelling from London since 5 am so I am tired and upset.

At 2pm there was no room ready. I was starving and Thomson rep on the transfer bus said that we could have lunch up until 3pm.

While I was waiting for my room I asked if I could have something to eat.

Unfortunately the restaurant was well and truly closed. The staff were very kind and rustled something up but I had no choice and not what I expect on a Thomsons holiday.

After that, there was a room for me after 3. I walked all the way over to the room complex only to find they wer putting me on an upper floor without a lift.

I had to go all the wAy back to reception and back again to a room which had steps inside it but mostly had a very bad smell of drains. The staff member who was with me smelt it also.

I had to go back, yet again to reception, and remember, I have a disability and had been travelling since 5am.

This room, 308 , is a disabled room and I felt relieved but when I opened the bathroom. The walls, floor , ceiling and the whole ceiling was full of little flies. It made me sick. I tried to get them out of the sink just to wash my hands but they were too many. I went and found 2 members of housekeeping near the room to show them.

The lady who was cleaning the other rooms sprayed everywhere with a spray and then I couldn’t even breathe .

I went to reception to ask if it might be a daily occurrence and she was very short with me as if this is all my fault!

She said I had to wait outside for about half an hour.

In this half an hour I tried to get a cup of tea and was made to feel embarrassed and a nuisance at the bar because nobody knew how to make it, and since there was only one person serving, I was holding up the queue.

I got back to room 308 and found the dead flies over the sink , walls and floor as well as many others still on the wall and sink. I found a housekeeping staff and asked her if she could sweep away the dead flies and spray the live ones.

I have a chronic illness and needed a rest badly and last week my house practically burnt down and I will be in temp accommodation for several months .

So, perhaps you can appreciate how much I was looking forward to a holiday.

Instead, I am sitting here titled and in pain and just crying. I have tried to be pleasant but I can’t even find anyone to speak English. I speak some french but it is hard and exhausting trying to deal with these things in a foreign language.

I have been to Cyprus with Thomson many times and to Agadir but I have never experienced this.

Please do not just ignore this. Your leaflet which is given to us on the bus says we should tell you as soon as possible.

I have emailed the rep but I don’t know if he will get back to me and I am so upset.

To repeat, I am not just a moaner and have enjoyed my previous holidays with Thomson.

Thank you

Sylvia Morgan

Jardins d’Agadir