I want to contact you regarding our return flight 9 hours after having the on board meal I was poorly with severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. I am aware that this could be something I had eaten prior to the flight but I had eaten the same as my friends. However the meal (Chicken Pie) that I had on the plane and was looking forward to tasted strange I asked my friends if their meals tasted funny and they didn’t. I tried another taste but it definitely wasn’t right so I left it. The taste even put me off the pudding. Now in the past I have always loved the food we have been served. We are now 8 days on and I still cannot keep a meal down I have had stomach cramps and Diarrhea since 9am on the 23rd Sept and it is now the 1st Oct. Each time I think I am ok and eat it goes straight through me. It has effected my birthday on the 27th sept and my Anniverssary today, as we have had to cancel booked meals out.
I want to know if anyone else suffered similar symptoms. And would like you to investigate this into this.

I have to say our experience with your flights were really poor. Certain seats on the flight have the cold air conditioning blowing down making your arm in the isle freezing to the point of painful. This happened to me on the way out. And 2 other people on our return flight.

Also the seat in front of us seat 34D was broken and couldn’t stay in the upright position, nice for the person in 34D but awful for my husband who was in 35D. And the smallest of the stewardesses hit me every time she walked past (no apology). The large steward didn’t hit me once.

Overall with the small seat spaces for a 6 hour flight we would really have to reconcider booking with Thompson again