writtenng to u concernd for pontypool torfaen harvester,the service last nite was terrrible 10-1-11 at 6pm . we my husband and i arrive it was quite for long time so service should been high we sat down straight away asked if we like drink we both said yes 1hr later still no drinks so we complained then they were brought to table then we were told fill them our self even after 1hr wait wich was the pepsi refills. we then after half hr had some one take our order 40mins they came with starter,then when we finished we watitted another 20ms for mail meal by this time we had enough food came,but are starter plates still on table. they wasent removed even though we were now eatting are main meal. very dissapointed as there usally 5 of us used this place lot ,this was spose been nice nite with outh the children but we didnt get it we were very stressed when we left as we even had pay bill by finding the person who served us.