Albert Leak
22a rushey hey road
L32 8SW


to whome it may concern

hello my girlfriend bought breaded chicken chilled 4 pack on tuesday 30/08/2011 put it in fridge on the thursday 01/09/2011 we was going to have a family meal but found that when the chicken was taken out of the fridge it had blown so my girlfriend drove back to aintree and they replaced it this product went into the fridge on the saturday 03/09/2011 we had friends over and we had the breaded chicken this was about 6 o clock in the evening by the end of the night a few of us was feeling ill by the next day all four of us was ill with stomac pains and constantly in the toilet my girlfriend was so ill i had to take her to the walk in centre in kirkby we was both informed that it was the chicken that we had eaten i was off work for 3 days my girlfriend was off 4 days our friends was ill for 3 days.

My girlfriend and i allways buy our food from your aintree store and have never had a problem with your products.

I have no need to seek legal advice at this moment.

I would like to bring this to your attention and look into the matter.

I await your reply in antisapation.

Albert leak