It is unfortunate that I am having to write this email of complaint to you as my family and I have been visiting your wetherspoons establishment for a very long time. Unfortunately over the past several months myself, friends and family have notice that The Regent in Walton-on-themes surrey has become increasingly worse regarding the food and more importantly the violence. I have been into The regent on several occasions and every time my food has been cold and not to the temperature it should leave a kitchen which I believe to be over 65 degrease, I have reported this the the manger on duty and staff every time and even though they have replaced my meal I do feel that this matter should not be repeated every time I visit?

On a more serious note I am writing this email more importantly regarding the atmosphere and violence that has seemed to be increasing at The Regent at Walton on Thames! Every occasion I have visited over the last weeks I have had to witness drunks and arguments between customers which luckily have not ended in a fight but has become very close. The managers on duty have done nothing to prevent this and has to my surprise carried on serving these drunk customers even though it is clear they have had more than enough alcohol and has not asked them to leave? I have has to witness this in front of my children, family and friends and have now decided that if this happen once more I we will not be entering the establishment again. This is also the case for many of your customer I have spoken to.

I wrote this email to you as I feel it is a shame that a lovely public house that my family and I have visited over the years has come to this and feel it needs to be brought to your attention so these matters can be solved asap.

I am awaiting your reply